Labor Archives of

Kyyevo-Svyatoshynskyy district of

Kyiv regiond


History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

Municipal Institution "Kiev Svyatoshinsky District Labor Records" Kyiv Kyiv Svyatoshinskoy District Council area created by the session of the Kyiv District Council Svyatoshinskoy Kyiv region on November 30, 2006 №62-04-V, is a non-profit utility companies, maintained by the local budget , funds received by the scientific and technical processing and storage of archival documents and funds from other revenues are not prohibited by law.

The main objective of the Office is:

- Identification and introduction to the sources of recruitment documents in consultation with the Archives Department District state administrations - enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership, that are located in the respective territory;

- Pursuant to the conditions specified State Committee, documents on personnel documents and temporary storage of enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership and subordination, which are located in the respective territory or liquidated companies, institutions and organizations that were (are registered) on this territory;

- Acceptance of enterprises, institutions and organizations, sources of acquisition of archival records on personnel, financial activities and other documents retention period are not ended;

- Scientific and technical processing of documents submitted for storage in accordance with the rules of the State Committee, to create the necessary catalogs of them;

- The records are stored, including through the establishment and maintenance of accounting databases;

- Organization of documents for official use, social, legal, scientific and other purposes, issuing legal entities and citizens in the established order of the State Committee of certificates, copies and excerpts of documents are kept;

- Examination of the documents that are in storage, submission for approval by the expert committee archival descriptions Affairs Department District state administrations temporary storage of documents from the personnel of enterprises, institutions and organizations, sources of recruitment and acts of removal for destruction of records, retention period has terminated;

- Participate in activities to improve the skills of employees keeping services, archival units and expert committees of enterprises, institutions and organizations, sources of recruitment.

The archive has three entities:

Director - Svetlana Shevchenko

Accountant - Yulia Tritinichenko

Archivist - Artamonova Larisa

The supreme governing body of the enterprise is its owner. Management functions on behalf of business owner makes the Kyiv District Council Svyatoshinskaya Kyiv region that represents the common interests of territorial communities of villages, towns, cities Kyiv Sviatoshynskyi area within the powers defined by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine" and other laws, and powers handed to her village, town and city councils.

          Operational management functions on behalf of the Owner enterprise, according to the decision of the Kyiv-Svyatoshinskoy District Council Kyiv region on June 10, 2010. №349-35-V, provides Svyatoshinskaya Kyiv district administration of Kyiv region within the powers delegated to it Svyatoshinskaya Kyiv Kyiv Region District Council (the District State Administration).

The institution started functioning in 2010, Svetlana Shevchenko head first.