Labor Archives of

Kyyevo-Svyatoshynskyy district of

Kyiv regiond



List of Services:

1 Identification documents on the case.

  2 Implementation of social and legal citizens' requests for documents archive.

  3 Execution of requests for documents of legal entities archives.

  4 Implementation of thematic queries on the history of enterprises, institutions and organizations.

   5 Production of single copies of archival documents.

   6 Advised by telephone and personal appointments.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens 'Appeals' response to request the Labor Archives for the month, and depending on the results - Archival information or negative response if the relevant documents in the archive were found.

The list of queries performed Archives:

- Acceptance, transfer, dismissal of employees;

- Seniority;

- Wages;

- Accidents at work;

- Hazardous working conditions;

- Participation in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident.

Characteristics of the main types of requests:

Social and legal inquiries

Social and legal queries relating to the provision of information about:


     seniority institutions and organizations Kiev Sviatoshynsky area;
     wages institutions and organizations Kiev Sviatoshynsky area.


Queries performed on a fee basis. The amount of payment of the appeals of institutions, organizations and individuals established under the Price list of works (services) in the use of archival documents executed Labor Archives on a contractual basis. Deadline queries - 1 month from the date of the registration statement or letter. Terms of requests may be extended depending on the complexity of the work.

Information about the consultation provided:

Konsultatsiyi provided:

- Personal appointments;

- By telephone;

- Via the Internet;

- Mail.